What They Say About Jane:

“We found Jane’s presentation skills to be refreshing and invigorating. Jane subtly managed to bring us all out of our shells and created a relaxed atmosphere enabling us to take a look at ourselves. To see the change in the team since Jane’s visit has been uplifting. She touched our hearts and we are looking forward to welcoming her back for part two of the seminar.”

Simon Scarborough

Group Operations Director, Femings Mayfair, London, England
“Jane’s seminar was exceptional. The participants appreciated your interactive style. It was a pleasure to work with Jane and we are already planning our next session! “

Jiri Vokac Cmolik

Creative Director, 1 Incentivni, Prague, The Czech Republic
“We were amazed and thrilled with Jane’s enthusiasm, energy, and entertaining approach. It was obvious that Jane had practical experience with real-world business situations. She has a vast knowledge of employee interpersonal skill and motivational methods. Her approach was not only refreshing, professional and entertaining, but practical, accurate and easily implemented. I would highly recommend Ms. Jane Boucher. I firmly believe that you will find her to be an expert in her field and a skilled professional.”

Len Beusse

Member and Chief Operating Officer, VECOPLAN
“Jane and her classes helped me initiate change. Meeting her was an instrumental pivot point of my career.”

Jeanne Bolz

Tax Partner, Judd, Ostermann & Demro, Ltd.
“I heard Jane speak at the Toyota Women’s Conference in Kentucky…she was awesome!”

Tyra Lainhart

Board Member, Greater Cincinnati ASPA
“Jane was entertaining and inspirational. She made our event much more memorable.”

Phillip Ringle, Ph.D.

President, Truckee Meadows Community College
“Our expectations were greatly exceeded by the quality of the seminar conducted by Ms. Boucher. I have been in practice for almost 25 years and Jane’s seminar was quite honestly the best seminar I have ever attended. “

Todd Winnell C.P.A

Partner, Bunker, Clark, Winnell & Nuorala
“As CEO of Western CPE, an international provider of financial services training, I have had the good fortune or working with Jane Boucher for several years. Jane has instructed live training sessions for our firm at both our 5-day conferences and through in-house training engagements. In all of these situations, she has done a remarkable job for us”

Dr. Paul Larson

CEO, Western CPE
“The only negative comment was that I had only allotted half a day for your presentation, and they wanted more time with you!”

Ryan L. Page

President, Nebraska MGMA
“This was one of the best lectures I’ve attended. She touched me.”

Pam Lehman

Chief Operating Officer, Reno Heart Physicians
“The results were astounding: 97% rated the session outstanding.”

Jinnie Lowery

President & CEO, Robeson Health Care
“Please bring her back!”

Janet A. DeTulleo

President Elect & Program Chair, Delaware MGMA
“We choose to provide top-notch speakers in our organization and I can truthfully say we made the RIGHT choice when we chose to have Jane as our speaker. She is stimulating and motivating. I dread seminars that are dry and that leave you with ‘nothing’. Jane left us wanting more.”

Charlene Law

President, Dayton, Ohio, Chapter of PAHCOM
“Candidly, the time spent in Jane’s course is among the very best personal development experience I’ve ever had. I appreciated Jane’s “Down to earth,” common sense communication style.”

Bryan Sherrel

Chief Financial Officer, Hartmann USA, Inc.
“Jane’s energy, enthusiasm and talents came through to all of us as a demonstration of just what a great motivational speaker can be. I have spoken to many fellow attendees at that meeting and we all feel the same way…what a pleasure to hear Jane speak!”

Steve Straub, MPA

Operations Manager, Nevada Industry Excellence
“Jane’s course is probably the best CPE course I have ever had in my 29 year career. As business owners, firm leaders, and colleagues, we need to communicate today more than ever. Jane nails it in her seminar.”

Kathy Whisnant

Partner, Whisnant & Company
“Jane gave a tremendous keynote speech at the BOMA Southwest Regional Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Many, and I mean many, attendees commented how they had not seen a standing ovation at one of these conferences in the past, which means Jane was the first to receive a standing ovation!”

Mychel Jordan, RPA

Building Manager, First National Bank
“I had a team of more than 4,000 people who produced billions of auto brakes. She took an adversarial team and created the most reliable brake team. She’s a proven practitioner whom I have watched and worked with through the last decade. Her help was some of the best!”

John Curley

Director of Operations, General Motors
“Ms. Boucher is a very dynamic speaker who understands and relates to her audience. She has the ability to take complicated interpersonal skills, present them in a fun fashion, engage her audience, lead them to comprehension/understanding and give then give them practical ways to implement the valuable truths they learn. I highly recommend Ms. Boucher to any organization interested in maintaining a balance between the personnel side of business and the number-crunching.”

Deborah Hudson

President Elect, Oklahoma Medical Group Management Association
“Jane’s presentation and her contribution to this workshop on the need of all attendees and in particular USDA Asian employees were right on target. I hope we have the opportunity to have her next year.”

Jim Rasekh, Ph.D.

Biological Scientist, USDA
“Jane is one of the brightest and most creative people in the consulting world. She exudes integrity in all her relationships and provides an extraordinary level of service to her clients. I highly recommend her for any organization.”

Nido Qubein

President, High Point University
“Jane Boucher was one of the best speakers I’ve heard. Her message of High Performing Work Teams were timely and is a topic we CPAs normally do not receive adequate training on.”

Albert Zdenek Jr., CPA

CEO, Traust Sollus Wealth Mangement
“Jane’s workshop “Small Rudders That Turn Large Ships: The Secrets of Today’s Successful Leaders” was amazing! Never had I been to a CPA class like this where there was so much positive interaction, authenticity, and real life dialogue about leadership. I didn’t know a CPA class could be so powerful.”

Robert Benoit, CPA

President, Benoit CPA
“Jane provided an outstanding two day training session for my team. Her presentation proved to be an invaluable learning experience for my team. The tools that Jane provided enable us to understand the various personality profiles and work styles of each member of the team. Her training course was the best and most memorable learning experience I’ve ever had.”

Patricia Taylor, CPA

Business Manager, Sandia National Labratories
“It was certainly our pleasure to have Jane at The Melrose Hotel as our keynote speaker for our 2nd Annual Hispanic Executive Meeting Management Forum. Obviously, she was a big hit with our attendees; I’ve heard so many positive comments and people left the session pumped up! Jane made our event a huge success!”

Steve Keup

General Manager, The Melrose Hotel, Washington D.C.
“I had such an extraordinary experience in Jane’s course that I felt compelled to write to the seminar organizers to let them know that she is truly a blessing. She introduced us to some of the inner workings of effective team building, and it was so much more than simple team concepts and motivational techniques. Jane did a wonderful job of conveying the relationships that ultimately makes the team effective. It was so enlightening!!”

Doug Evans

Executive Director, Cherokee Nation Tribal Council
“My daughter and I both enjoyed Jane so much in our first class of the seminar that we changed our schedules so that we could also have Jane for our second class too. I have made Jane’s material mandatory reading our all our staff…her courses and materials are excellent value added additions to business management studies.”

John Issacs, Sr.

President, John Isaacs & Associates
“In 12 years of organizing conventions, I’ve never seen attendees go on the way they did about Jane. One of them said she needed a thesaurus because she couldn’t think of an adjective that was sufficient in describing her experience with Jane. She told us we would get our money’s worth…and she was absolutely right. Come back soon!”

Anne Torreano, CSR

President, Deposition Reporters Association of California
“Our audience was comprised of over 130 principles, supervisors, and superintendents. The response to the program was outstanding. It has made a difference in our conflict resolutions skills and our understanding of each other’s personality profiles.”

Margy Stevens

Assistant Superintendent, Montgomery County ESC

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