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Creative Problem Solving

    About the Workshop

    Are you or your organization locked into tried and true methods of problem solving methods which don’t necessarily work in today’s complex and fast-changing world? This course is for anyone who wants to learn fresh new ways to look at challenges and find solutions.


    • Analyze your problem solving methods
    • Identify the ways you arrive at solutions
    • Recognize the importance of looking at challenges in new ways
    • Use proven methods to approach problems successfully
    • Learn to “think outside the box”


    • What’s holding you back? – are your problem-solving methods outdated? analyze the way you think about and solve problems
    • How some highly effective people solve problems
    • Tried and true – it’s not always best – the many different ways of looking at challenges
    • Brainstorming and empowerment – get everybody involved in finding solutions
    • Risk taking and alternative solutions


    (Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske)

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