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Unique Personality Profile Designed To Facilitate Self-Reflection

How does your job match up with your personality? How well you’ll enjoy the work you do depends upon your personality. Which of the following personality descriptions would best suit you?

•   People-Person
•   Detail-Person
•   Command-Person
•   Support-Person

For a little flavor of what to expect in the Jane Boucher experience, take this easy, interactive online test. It is based on the evaluation given in Jane’s best-selling book, How to Love the Job You Hate

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People Potential That Contributes To A High Performing Work Team

As most companies begin to focus on new and innovative ways to reach their corporate goals, they often overlook the most powerful, cost-efficient option to achieve success. Many organizations are shocked to learn that their most under-utilized resource is their people. Would you like to see significant and almost instant dramatic change in the performance of your company? Focusing on your people is the answer.

Are you maximizing the potential of your people? Are there new opportunities to realize rapid and significant change in your culture, teamwork and ability to set and reach goals?

Take this simple online interactive test to find out.

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