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How To Manage Priorities And Improve Productivity In An Increasingly Demanding Workplace

    About the Workshop

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, this seminar is for you. Learn how to juggle many jobs without dropping the ball. Learn how to maintain quality when quantity seems unrelenting. You will learn how to handle more than one person’s priorities and what to do first when everything seems important. You’ll learn techniques that will keep you cool under deadline pressures. This course will teach you how to work smarter not harder, how to stop procrastinating, and how to stop feeling the victim of work overload.


    • Juggle many jobs without dropping the ball
    • Maintain quality when quantity seems overwhelming
    • Keep cool under deadline pressure
    • Fit rush projects into the daily routine
    • Build stamina for a demanding job
    • Rise above difficult situations
    • Say no without offending
    • Control the telephone before it controls you


    • The work/stress connection – What you can do about it
    • Establishing realistic priorities and deadlines
    • How to tell what’s really important
    • Techniques for eliminating time-wasting habits
    • Getting results
    • High (and low) payoffs
    • Winning tactics for handling multiple workloads
    • Rising above tough situations

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