Humor In The Workplace

    About the Workshop

    Happy and relaxed people make good, productive employees, and nothing relaxes you more than a good laugh. Too often, people at work believe that they must be deadly serious in order to accomplish their goals. Not so, say the experts. A sense of humor can ease tensions, resolve conflicts, and keep everyone working together. Lighten up for a more productive and more enjoyable workplace.


    • Understand how humor helps ease tensions and reduce stress
    • Identify appropriate kinds of humor for work
    • Strengthen your sense of humor
    • Develop ways to communicate humor to others
    • Make having fun a part of your work style


    • The healing effects of humor • How humor lowers stress and prevents illness
    • Laughing with others, not at them • Don’t confuse making fun of people with making them laugh • The kinds of humor appropriate at work
    • Lighten up • How to see the funny side of everything
    • Sharing humor with your coworkers • Laugh and the world laughs with you
    • The productivity benefits • How humor helps people get more done
    • Conflict resolution through humor
    • Changing the culture • How you can help your organization understand the value of humor
    • The payoff • A more productive and happier work force


    (Photo Courtesy of Lynda Sanchez)

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