New Challenges: Tough Choices For Leaders

    About the Workshop

    Never before has there been a greater demand for exceptional leadership skills. Doubts about the future of our nation and its institutions abound. The public’s confidence has eroded from economics to ethics. Participants in this program will learn how to:


    • Apply the seven megaskills that leaders need to build high-performing work teams
    • Develop a clear sense of direction
    • Restore a sense of purpose
    • Catalyze people to align their energies toward a common goal


    • Profile of the leader
    • Leadership and management – Making leaders out of managers.
    • Characteristics of a high performing work team – Teamwork that is cohesive and rewarding
    • A practical test to determine team effectiveness
    • Recognize the symptoms of poor team performance – Solve issues before they become major problems
    • Change as a challenge, not a threat
    • Motivation and morale-building


    (Photo Courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg)

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