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Your goals motivate you to reach new levels of maturity in every area of your life. Goals must be reasonable, realistic and obtainable. You should have checkpoints for measuring your progress. If you have ever gone on a diet, you know that you have a desired target weight and that you get on the scale periodically to measure your progress.

The first step in setting a goal is to evaluate your present situation and to decide where you choose to go and how you will get there. You will have a sense of direction and purpose. Narrow your goals to a vital few. You will need the time, energy or money to accomplish the few. If there are too many goals, a person often gets overwhelmed and accomplishes nothing.

Goal setting is a continual process, and it calls for a strong sense of priority and self-confidence. Start with easy, short-term goals that you know you can meet fairly quickly. This will give you the satisfaction of accomplishment. Evaluate what your goals are for the next two to five years. Verbalize your goals to a friend or colleague. Visualize your goals by seeing it in your minds eye. Lastly, take the first step to accomplish your goal by vitalizing it. This is called the three “V’s”: Verbalize, Visualize, Vitalize. You can achieve anything you want if you follow this process. It is truly been the reason for the accomplishment of most people’s goals.

Here are the steps to follow as you set your goals:

•   Decide what is really important to you. Eliminate irrelevant half-hearted desires.

•   Set priorities and write each item out in order of importance. Grade them – your most important goals are As and Bs; Cs carry a lower priority.

•   Every day, write down the tasks that will help you achieve high priority goals and include the desired date of the accomplishment of each goal.

•   Do it now. Don’t procrastinate. Reread your list at least three times a day and take action.

•   Develop your action plan. What is the first thing you will do toward accomplishing your goal? When will you begin?

•   Visualize yourself as already having accomplished your goal. Allow your mind to work for you and continue to have faith and patience. It will happen.

•   Avoid distractions. Say no to interruptions and requests that clearly have nothing to do with your goals.

•   When you want something, act as if you already have it or have accomplished it. That will help you stay on your path of success.

Remember that goal setting is critical for your personal and professional success, but that it is done by imperfect people in an imperfect world. What seems important today may not be in five years. Remember that nothing you have done is wasted. Your goals will help you become more of who you already are. They will recharge your batteries and motivate you for a fulfilled life.


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