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Give Yourself Credit

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Every day we hear negative news about the economy, unemployment and underemployment. It’s easy to allow the national mood to affect our personal mood. One way to combat this is to keep a special “ME” file in your desk that you can pull out and look at on days when things are going wrong or when you feel unappreciated. The file should contain any awards, certificates, or notes of appreciation from supervisors, clients or coworkers. Even if someone compliments your work verbally, write yourself a little note about it and tuck it into your file. This is not egotistical. Even if you are the only one to ever see this file, you deserve to be reminded of the good things you do.

Another entry in your “ME” file should be an updated resume’. Even if you are not looking for another job, keep your resume’ up-to-date with your current accomplishments and skills. That will help you see how far you’ve come in your career development. And, of course, it could always come in handy if you do come across an irresistible job opportunity.

Something else that can be invaluable in your “ME” file is a list of specific things at which you consider yourself an expert. These are not the kind of things that normally go into a job description, but they become very much a part of the job you do. They are all the little things that count, such as knowing how to handle a difficult client. Perhaps you have developed a knack for writing up invoices so they get processed twice as fast. You may even be the only person in your department who knows how to change the paper in the fax machine.

However small you may think those things are, they are immensely important to getting the job done. You can gain satisfaction from knowing that your personal skills help the organization run more smoothly. Give yourself credit. You deserve it.

Give Yourself Credit

•   Keep a “ME” file.

•   Store awards, certificates, notes of appreciation in your file.

•   Keep an updated resume.

•   Create a list of specific things which are your expertise.


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