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How To Love The Boss You Hate

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Perhaps there is no love lost when it comes to the relationship with your manager and you are pretty sure they do not care for you either. There is a connection between job satisfaction and worker/boss communication. Five key topics are central to that communication: discussion of work-related problems, informal feedback on performance, informal feedback on salary and/or career discussions and performance appraisals. People who believe the five areas are well covered by their bosses usually express overall job satisfaction. Employees who are the least satisfied are those who are not well managed.

The following quiz is designed to bring your relationship with your boss into focus, particularly in the crucial area of communication. On a sheet of paper, number 1-15. For each question, write down the number that best describes your reaction to the question: 4-excellent; 3-good; 2-satisfactory; 1-needs improvement; 0-unsatisfactory. When through, add up all the numbers to come up with the score for your boss.

Begin Quiz

1. Your boss makes you feel valuable to her or him and to your organization.

2. Your boss clearly communicates the performance required for you to be successful in your job.

3. Your boss clearly communicates what he wants you to do on a particular project.

4. Your boss listens to your ideas and implements them when appropriate.

5. Your boss gives you credit for your ideas when they are implemented and prove to be successful.

6. Your boss sets reasonable deadlines.

7. Your boss makes changes in priorities only when it is necessary.

8. Your boss makes fair decisions about performance appraisals, promotions, salary increases and bonuses.

9. Your boss avoids negative confrontations with you.

10. Your boss considers your viewpoint when making decisions that affect you.

11. Your boss listens to you.

12. Your boss learns from his or her own mistakes.

13. Your boss gives you honest, constructive feedback about your work – even when it is not positive.

14. Your boss avoids playing power games.

15. Your boss does his job in such a way that you can live with his flaws.

Score Conclusion

(60 – 48) You like working with your boss. Count your blessings and file this test in your “Me” file for a reference when you become supervisor.

(47 – 25)  Not bad at all. By taking an active role, you stand a chance of creating a more satisfying relationship with your boss.

(24 – 11)  It doesn’t hurt to try taking some positive steps, but more than likely you need to hang on until you can pursue another opportunity.

(10 – 0)  Uh-oh. Most likely you are in a situation where the best solution may be to move on as soon as you can.

Learn to understand your boss better and seek ways to make your relationship a positive experience. After all, you spend your highest energy hours at work!


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