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Keeping The Motivator Motivated

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How do you manage your motivation? Do you even think about it? It is difficult for your employees to be enthusiastic about their productivity when they perceive doubt in their leader. It’s that simple.

Giving praise, encouraging and motivating others will, in and of itself provide you with motivation. There is nothing like the hum of productivity and the smiles of satisfied employees to help you love the job you have. But there are a few other suggestions to help you stay fresh and motivated, especially in an economy that will distract you.

Set your own goals. Take time to jot down where you want to be on your job in the next few months or years. Read these goals periodically to help keep you motivated and focused.

Stay informed. A wealth of information is available through seminars, cassettes, CDs, books, professional magazines, the Internet and your local library. Sign up for a class that is work-related or enroll in a course that allows you to explore a subject that has always interested you. You can appoint an employee to give you updates and reports in targeted areas.

Sweep away negative cobwebs from your thoughts. Having hassles on the job, car troubles, the post-holiday blahs? Sometimes your mind can become cluttered with life’s little annoyances. They seep into the job before you know it and prohibit you from being the motivator you are. Clear your mind by quiet meditation or reading inspirational books. Take time to help a community organization or simply enjoy a stroll in a park for a mind clearing, energy boost. Take a time-out in between work and family to change gears and mentally clear your mind. Stop at the gym or walk home and stop by the local drug store to get your blood pressure checked. You can be just as proactive in your life as you are in business management.

Associate with positive people. Stay motivated by being around other motivators. Allow yourself to be inspired by fellow successful managers. Share your concerns, stimulate your thinking and allow others to help you enlarge your capacity to enjoy the work you do.


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