Assertive Communication Skills

    About the Workshop

    Learn how to get what you deserve through better communication skills. This course looks at how you handle yourself on and off the job. Put yourself in command of your career and learn to respond to the most difficult situations according to your own desires, interests and feelings. You’ll see how being properly assertive at the right time and in the right place can help you get where you want to go.


    • Reduce fears and anxieties, both at work and at home
    • Shift from habitual reaction to action
    • Increase your ability to get the job done
    • Develop and maintain good personal relationships
    • Say no when you want to
    • Enhance your self-image
    • Maneuver through the system


    • Assertive behavior
    • Self-Image • The chief factor in assertiveness
    • Self-awareness • Steps toward improvement
    • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to assertiveness
    • Verbal and nonverbal messages as assertive tools
    • Assertiveness on the job
    • Assertiveness in work relationships


    (Photo Courtesy of Sebastiann ter Burg)

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