Personal/Professional Growth

Being And Finding A Mentor

    About the Workshop

    People who are supported by mentors move higher up the career ladder faster. This seminar is filled with insights on how to get ahead. Most successful people have had at least one mentor, supportive peers, or a series of mentors. Learn about the different types of coaching and their importance to you.


    • Assess yourself in terms of your strengths, weaknesses and goals
    • Decide on the kind of mentorship you need and want
    • Find the right mentor
    • Choose the right mentors for others


    • Your stage of development · Where are you in your organization? In your life? · Where are you going?
    • Assess your strengths, weaknesses, and goals
    • The role of the mentor · Sponsor · Coach · Guide · Facilitator · Peer
    • Which mentor is right for you?
    • Surrounding yourself with people who can teach you
    • Developing other mentors in your organization
    • Give back what you receive · The art of becoming a mentor


    (Photo Courtesy of Aurimas Adomavicius)

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