Personal/Professional Growth

Organization And Time Management

    About the Workshop

    Get out from under the time trap and back on the productivity bandwagon. Learn to prioritize your time for real results, and to formulate a time management plan that will change the way you work and the way you live.


    • Analyze your current use of time
    • Identify your time wasters
    • Learn to plan for effective time use
    • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
    • Understand how to prioritize


    • Taking charge of your time clock – How your self-development is tied to time management
    • Prioritize your way out of the time trap – The important vs. the urgent – Priority systems
    • Become a time master – Necessary conditions for change – Personal commitment
    • A systematic approach to time control – Job analysis – Managing vs. doing – Clarifying objectives
    • Take control of your time habits – Discover timing habits – Tracking time use patterns
    • Wipe out time wasters – Analyzing time wasters and getting rid of them
    • The great time master payoff – Personal values and goals – Time for you – success and satisfaction


    (Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske)

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