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Overcoming Information Overload

    About the Workshop

    Are you feeling irritable? Having trouble sleeping, digesting, or concentrating? Maybe you have the flu. Or maybe you’re suffering from the latest of humanity’s woes: information overload. According to experts, sleep disorders, digestive problems, hypertension, low morale and irritability can all be symptoms of “techno-stress,” or “technosis.”


    • Recognize the signs of “technosis”
    • Analyze your real technology needs
    • Develop a plan to use technology wisely
    • Focus on the positives while eliminating the negatives
    • Making time for low-tech activities


    • Information Overload – What is it and knowing if you have it
    • Hooked on technology – Use it, don’t abuse it – Avoiding technology for its own sake
    • What do you need – How do you use it? – Making the most of your equipment – What new equipment do you really need to own?
    • Simplify your life. – Make technology your servant, not your master – How much information is enough?
    • A walk in the park – Making time for low-tech activities – Keeping your perspective on technolog


    (Photo Courtesy of Christopher Bowns)

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