Corporate Training Programs

Better Performance Evaluations

    About the Workshop

    Managers can use formal reviews and daily feedback to boost employee performance and productivity. This course focuses on how to make performance evaluations an effective tool in the workplace, instead of a dreaded ordeal.


    • Understand why employees dread performance reviews
    • Establish a strategy for keeping employees from discussing their evaluations with others
    • Develop guidelines for a formal review process
    • Analyze the best forms to use
    • Know the importance of documentation
    • Prepare an effective performance review


    • The dreaded performance review
    • What recent studies reveal
    • When your company doesn’t already have a review procedure
    • Proven guidelines for establishing a system that works
    • Critical considerations in preparing the review
    • What to do when a sensitive employee breaks down
    • What’s “fair” and “unfair”?
    • Should you ever change an evaluation?
    • Objectively evaluating the employee you just don’t like
    • The secret to criticizing employees’ work without spoiling their enthusiasm

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