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Creating The Patient-Centered Practice

    About the Workshop

    As a medical provider, you have a challenging role to play. You need to satisfy your patients, keep costs under control, and keep your business running smoothly. In today’s world, patients have different needs than they had in the past. They’re better informed, more demanding, and they want to have a part in the management of their own health. This course will help you center your practice around your customers, bringing benefits both to them and to your business.


    • Understand what customers/patients want today
    • Analyze your current business style
    • Recognize why patients want more control
    • Help customers manage their own health
    • Develop a plan for centering your practice around your patients


    • The doctor as God – an old myth dies – patient-doctor cooperation is the wave of the future < li type=”disc” class=”bodycopyleft”>Your business today – does it need updating?
    • How patients get information/misinformation – the internet – media – other sources
    • Working with your patients – how to communicate – conveying information
    • Developing patient-centered practice


    (Photo Courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

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