Corporate Training Programs

Take Your Job And Improve It

    About the Workshop

    Here’s how you can make your job more satisfying and more rewarding. You’ll find out how to increase your confidence and take initiative. You’ll discover the power of building a team image for your organization. You’ll take back to your office proven solutions to daily problems.


    • Use your assets for maximum benefit
    • Learn key communication skills that get results
    • Recognize the signs of stress
    • Cope effectively with stress
    • Develop clear goals and expectations on the job
    • Build a great team with your boss


    • Building a career -vs- doing a job
    • Capitalize on your strengths
    • Self-esteem – four ways to test and build yours
    • Dealing with stress: two formulas
    • Your key communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
    • Setting priorities when you have multiple bosses
    • Say “no” without being negative
    • Cutting through to the real problem: four steps
    • How to be persuasive with suggestions and proposals
    • Manage yourself and your time
    • Build an effective team with bosses and coworkers

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