Corporate Training Programs

Training The Trainer

    About the Workshop

    No organization can function without well-trained employees. The first step to good training is to develop good trainers. This seminar focuses on teaching the prospective or experienced trainer tips for communicating with adult learners.


    • Understand how adults learn
    • Analyze what the trainees need to learn
    • Focus on verifiable objectives
    • Develop a training plan
    • Refine your communication skills
    • Overcome resistance to learning
    • Evaluate students’ progress


    • Training employees – the key to an organization’s survival and success
    • Adults are different from kids – how they learn
    • Deciding what employees need to know – teaching the essentials to busy people
    • Verifiable objectives – how to define objectives – how to verify learning – demonstrating and testing proficiency
    • When they don’t want to change – how to overcome resistance to learning new ideas, new methods, new work styles
    • Communication is key – say what you mean – listen, listen, listen
    • Putting the plan into action – the dynamics of training


    (Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske)

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