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Strategic Planning

    About the Workshop

    It is easy for an organization to set unrealistic and unattainable goals, while at the same time developing only vague plans for implementing its goals. That’s why a strategic blueprint is critical for good, solid planning, and for working systematically toward attainable goals. This seminar helps key members of organizations learn to write and implement effective strategic plans.


    • Understand how a strategic plan works
    • Identify the critical parts of a strategic plan
    • Define your organization’s goals
    • Analyze the steps toward reaching your goals
    • Develop the beginnings of a strategic plan for your organization


    • The mission statement – why is it important? – understand your organization’s vision of itself – past, present and future
    • Defining goals – get specific – the critical details
    • Getting input – how to identify key players – how to involve others in the process
    • Down to business – developing the plan of action – take nothing for granted – step-by-step planning
    • Feedback – finding out how you’re doing


    (Photo Courtesy of Aurimas Adomavicius)

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