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Decision Making And Problem Solving

    About the Workshop

    This seminar focuses on the key elements of problem-solving and effective decision-making for getting results. Included in the material are exercises in decision-making, along with well-tested and successful decision-making models and strategies.


    • Use innovation and creativity in decision-making for better results
    • Understand the role of intuition in decision-making
    • Develop an effective time frame for decision-making
    • Overcome obstacles to decision-making
    • Identify and prioritize key issues
    • Recognize the threats and opportunities inherent in decision-making


    • The decision-analysis-logic-path – decision objective -selection criteria
    • Comparison of alternatives – risk evaluation – best balanced choice
    • The problem-analysis-logic-path – review facts – determine the causes – identify all solutions
    • Innovation and creativity – vital elements of decision-making
    • The connection between decisions and purpose
    • Overcoming challenges
    • The overlooked value of intuition
    • Setting priorities
    • Formulating an action plan


    (Photo Courtesy of Greg Westfall)


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