Corporate Training Programs

Diversity Training

    About the Workshop

    As we enter into the future, experts predict that our workplaces will become increasingly diverse. This seminar concentrates on increasing the understanding and tolerance for people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with a focus on improved communication skills.


    • Avoid stereotypes
    • Recognize diversity as positive, not negative
    • Identify forms of discrimination, overt and subtle
    • Understand the importance of different viewpoints
    • Manage diversity successfully


    • Stereotypes • How they start, who they hurt, how we can overcome them
    • Find your tolerance quotient • How do you relate to others with different values and lifestyles?
    • Walk a mile in their shoes • Understanding where other people are coming from • Avoiding judgmental behavior
    • Communication • The key to understanding • What are they really saying? • What are you really saying?
    • Nonverbal communication • How it differs from culture to culture • Avoiding misunderstandings
    • Live the difference • How different backgrounds and lifestyles lead to different solutions • How to cherish differences while keeping your individuality

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