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Listening Skills For Leaders

    About the Workshop

    An effective leader is a person who understands how to really listen to what others are saying. When people talk, words alone do not accurately communicate the meaning. A good leader can listen “between the lines” to the real message and learn to read and observe nonverbal communication.

    This seminar will help anyone improve listening skills for more effective and dynamic leadership.


    • Analyze your listening skills
    • Recognize your weak spots
    • Develop better listening skills using proven methods
    • Clarify what you hear by asking questions
    • Understand nonverbal communication
    • Implement a listening plan for continued improvement


    • What I said is not what you heard • An amusing look at how people miscommunicate
    • How people communicate • Directly, indirectly, verbally, nonverbally
    • The boss is the last to know • Why people won’t always speak frankly • Encouraging people to speak freely
    • How to understand what people are really saying • The art of “listening between the lines” • The importance of nonverbal cues


    (Photo Courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg)

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