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Do You Have Your Stress Under Control?

    About the Workshop

    Learn to achieve more in less time with less effort during this fast-paced seminar. Many professionals suffer from the symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, and burnout. This results from trying to cope with too much stress. The result: mistakes, missed deadlines and physical symptoms. Learn how to work with energy, confidence and enthusiasm for a new high in personal productivity. Find new ways to relax and enjoy life. Learn how to maintain and improve your health in a high-stress environment.


        • Determine the causes of stress in your life
        • Increase productivity by reducing harmful stress
        • Understand the nature of the stress response
        • Recognize early distress signals
        • Learn how to use stress to good advantage, cope with it, or eliminate it


      • Stress: What is it? – Good and bad stress – What it does to you physically
      • What’s your stress quotient? – A self-assessment – Understanding your stress quotient – Effects on your health and productivity – Recognizing the symptoms
      • Using stress to your advantage – Recognizing what you can change and what you can’t
      • Relaxation techniques – Simple ways to lower stress
      • The benefits of reducing stress
      • A strategy for living – An action plan

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