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How to Love Your Job When the Ladder Has Collapsed

    About the Workshop

    When an organization is downsized, it affects the morale of all employees. This course helps employees cope with downsizing. Participants learn strategies that make them better managers and more productive, happier employees. They will learn to:


    • Analyze how they have dealt with change in the past
    • Learn the stages of adapting to change
    • Identify their personal temperament and work style
    • Create a personal strategy for coping with change
    • Adapt their personal style to the new work environment
    • Maintain a positive attitude toward change


    • The stages of change – denial – resistance – exploration – commitment
    • Attitude – more important than facts – accepting change
    • Temperament profile – what is my personal style? my strengths and weaknesses as an employee and as a person
    • Analysis of different personal styles – developing an understanding of your approach to challenges
    • Keys to successful change management
    • Developing a vision – anticipating reactions
    • Making the commitment – getting everyone involved
    • Three stages of change management – letting go – confusion – re-learning
    • The payoff – a happier and more productive person at home and on the job

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