Leadership In A Changing World

    About the Workshop

    In these rapidly changing times, management skills are not enough. This seminar will help participants develop the skills they need to become real leaders in their organizations.


    • Identify principles and techniques of leadership
    • Understand the role of power and influence in leadership situations
    • Examine leadership styles, situations and strategies
    • Integrate self-assessment into an effective leadership style
    • Recognize alternative styles of leadership


    • The role of the manager as leader
    • Motivating employees – theories of motivation
    • Leadership – styles of leadership and power
    • Planning and organizing – methods of organizing
    • Managing your time – common time wasters – techniques for saving time
    • Delegating work – benefits of delegation – signs of insufficient delegation – identifying tasks to delegate
    • Interpersonal communication – the manager as communicator – barriers to effective communication
    • Appraising performance: objectives of performance appraisals – formal and informal appraisals
    • Decision making – identifying problems – gathering and analyzing data; formulating solutions


    (Photo Courtesy of Mark Doliner)

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