Corporate Training Programs

Meeting The Challenge Of Change

    About the Workshop

    Participants in this program will increase their competence in building effective organizations, in dealing with transitions and downsizing, in working with groups, and in responding to the personal needs of organization members.


    • Diagnose organizational problems
    • Devise interventions to improve the organization
    • Understand various change theories and strategies
    • Identify the best strategy for your situation
    • Analyze leadership and interpersonal styles
    • Learn the causes of personal and organizational stress
    • Improve management techniques for changing times


    • Change as a challenge, not a threat
    • The payoffs of positive, active living
    • Personal and professional excellence in changing times
    • Cohesive and rewarding teamwork
    • Leadership characteristics
    • Personality styles: What yours is and what you can do to become more versatile
    • What works in management and why

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