Corporate Training Programs

Managing Anger

    About the Workshop

    Anger doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Justified anger can be constructive. It can help you make needed changes and get things accomplished. But uncontrolled anger is destructive and hurtful. It can sabotage your career and ruin your personal life. This course will help you take control of your angry emotions.


    • Understand what anger is and why you get angry
    • Analyze your own emotional style
    • Learn proven techniques for cooling off and managing emotions
    • Change anger from a destructive emotion into a constructive one
    • Develop a plan for handling anger under the most challenging situations


    • Emotions – friend or foe? – How to recognize emotional thinking versus logical thinking
    • Your temperament and personal style – A self-analysis
    • Getting control of your emotions – Techniques for cooling off – Putting your anger in perspective
    • Showing anger – How to communicate displeasure without “losing it” – Focusing on actions, not people
    • Stress – Controlling stress as part of controlling emotions
    • Making anger and other emotions work for you

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