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Keeping Your Balance In An Unbalanced World

    About the Workshop

    Ever feel like a “stranger in a strange land”? In today’s fast-changing, sometimes crazy world, keeping your sanity and peace of mind sometimes seems an overwhelming challenge. This seminar focuses on techniques for keeping your balance when the world seems to be spinning out of control. Learn how to manage stress, improve your self-esteem, relax, and balance your personal and professional lives.


    • Identify the forces that throw your life out of balance
    • Distinguish the situations in your life that you can and cannot change
    • Assess your own stress level
    • Practice stress-relieving techniques
    • Improve your self-esteem
    • Adapt your personal style to a fast-changing world.


    • The world we live in – Confusion, change, and conflict – How you view the world
    • Temperament profile – What is my personal style? – Is my personal style effective? – Can I change it?
    • Attitude – Choosing a better attitude
    • Coping with Stress – Your Stress Profile – Develop a fitness program – Learn to Relax
    • Develop self-esteem – Being your own best friend
    • The payoff – A happier and more productive person at home and on the job
    • Learn how to maintain quality when the emphasis on “the numbers” seems unrelenting


    (Photo Courtesy of Mark Sebastian)

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