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Personal And Professional Excellence

    About the Workshop

    Are you getting the most out of your current job/career? Could you be happier and more satisfied? The career profile offered only in this course will tell you if you are in the right job and how to achieve maximum job satisfaction.

    Learn strategies that will help you cope with transition and change. Understand the causes and consequences of change and the power of a positive attitude during times of transition. This course will teach you strategies, which lead to a successful personal and professional life in the future.


    • See opportunities, not problems
    • Learn strategies to help cope with transition and change
    • Motivate yourself and others
    • Find and control the causes of negative stress
    • Control your thought patterns
    • Understand the importance of attitudes
    • Identify techniques for stress reduction


    • Improving productivity strategies for change
    • How attitudes affect your potential
    • Focusing on the opportunities
    • Developing better time control
    • Using assertiveness to your advantage
    • Motivating yourself and others
    • An analysis of thought patterns of successful people
    • Excellence on the road to the future

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