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Resilience – The Ultimate Leadership Skill: How To Build It In Yourself And Others

    About the Workshop

    Resilience training was originally developed to strengthen individuals in high-risk groups like law enforcement, fire-fighting, and the military. Resilience training is based on the intriguing assumption that resilience can be learned by nearly any individual in any walk of life. A resilient leader possesses mental toughness and confidence. Confidence is cited as a critical ‘leader’ attribute. A confident person makes better decisions and thinks in deliberate and effective ways to meet adversity and pressure. Resilience is an inborn capacity for ‘self-righting’ and for transforming change.

    What does it mean to be resilient? Resilience is the ability to exercise tenacity, bounce back from tough times, or even triumph in the face of adversity. Resilient people know that they will sometimes experience failure, but are able to reframe it as a learning opportunity,. Resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks. Resilient people are more successful because they push their limits and learn from their mistakes. Whether you want to transform a business or a practice, this course will help you develop a plan to achieve your personal and professional goals.


        • Define what resilience is, why it matters, and how to build it in themselves and others
        • Assess their vulnerability to stress and pressure…and how it impacts their ability to be resilient
        • Assess their personal resilience using a resilience evaluation
        • Identify the elements of the Resilience Wheel and how they affect resilience and well-being
        • Promote conflict management and positive coping styles. Positive emotions increase our ability to cope with stress and solve problems.
        • Think more flexibly and accurately about the problems we encounter by identifying and evaluation unhelpful negative thoughts and by considering more positive interpretations of events
        • Achieve peak performance regardless of the circumstance. There are 5 keys to resilience, and evidence exists that these skills, attitudes, and behaviors can be developed and refined.


    (Photo Courtesy of Ashley Morgan)

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