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Small Rudders That Turn Large Ships – The Secrets of Today’s Successful Leaders

    About the Workshop

    Successful leaders in today’s highly competitive workplace are a lot like the coaches of winning teams. They may lack the whistle and the game book, but it’s their job to inspire their people to give it their all. They may not be yelling directions from the sideline; however, they do deal real-time with the performance problems, discipline issues and bad attitudes.

    Leadership is serious business. A fun and friendly, high-energy atmosphere at work definitely makes for happier employees, who are in turn more productive because of that environment. But it doesn’t happen by accident…you have to create it.

    This course will help you identify how to transform yourself into a forward-thinking, result driven strategic leader. You will also learn how to motivate and re-energize your team by developing a good first impression to managing change in the workplace. If a touch problem arises, you will know how to handle it. When you are faced with a crisis, you will react with confidence. This leadership course is based on cutting-edge research.


        • Become a highly-respected leader who can achieve extraordinary team results
        • Inspire people to tackle tough challenges
        • Resolve conflicts quickly to foster the spirit of cooperation and teamwork
        • Create a team environment that is supportive, productive, and fun
        • Strengthen morale and keep employees motivated
        • Successfully coach the most difficult employee problems
        • Eliminate negativity and poor attitudes in your team
        • Positively energize the work climate
        • Recognize and build on leadership strengths while minimizing personal weaknesses
        • Gain more credibility and respects from your co-workers, colleagues, and employees
        • Help your people to reach – and exceed – their potential

    (Photo Courtesy of Ashley Morgan)

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