Corporate Training Programs

Self-Esteem And Personal Dynamics

    About the Workshop

    Healthy self-esteem is the single most important factor for a person’s success. Self-esteem is the cornerstone upon which all other dynamic qualities are built. Give yourself the freedom to take risks, to develop new relationships, to grow, and to succeed. This seminar takes a look at your current state of self-esteem with the goal of improving your attitude and your outlook on life and work.


        • Identify the current state of your self-esteem
        • Assess your personal style/temperament
        • Recognize the different types of styles and temperaments
        • Understand how your self-esteem affects your personal style and temperament
        • Develop strategies for improving self-esteem
        • Change attitudes from negative to positive


      • Your self-esteem assessment profile – Test your own level of self-worth
      • The personality profile – What is your personal style? – How does temperament affect your work and life?
      • Strengthening your self-esteem – Be your own best friend – Stress the positive
      • Your stress profile – How stress and self-esteem are interrelated – Good and bad stress – Managing stress
      • Attitude isn’t the most important thing; it’s the only thing
      • The New You – Strategies for success

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