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How To Love The Job You Hate

    About the Workshop

    Are you among the two-thirds of today’s work force who do not like their job? It may not be your fault, but only you can change it. As corporate America has placed more and more emphasis on technology and market statistics, it has often ignored its greatest asset: people. You probably work for more than money. You want to feel appreciated and fulfilled. You want to feel a sense of purpose. This seminar helps you clarify your purpose, change your attitude, and learn to like your job again.


    • Change the way you feel about your job
    • Know how to cope when the company treats you as a “non-person”
    • Learn to say “I want” to go to work rather than “I have” to go to work.
    • Balance your personal and professional life
    • Concentrate on progress rather than perfection
    • Practice positive thinking


    • Why you don’t love your job
    • Why you picked your job in the first place
    • What changed? You or the job?
    • The power of attitudes
    • Self-esteem: how it affects your attitude
    • How to help your company change
    • How to change yourself


    (Photo Courtesy of Markus Spiske)

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