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Balancing Time Commitments And Preventing Burnout

    About the Workshop

    Get out from under the time trap and back onto the productivity bandwagon. Learn to prioritize your work for real results each and every day. Get organized, plan, and implement your plan to revolutionize your life, both on and off the job.


    • Analyze your current use of time
    • Identify the ways you waste time
    • Recognize the importance of planning
    • Prioritize your commitments
    • Take control of your time


    • Taking charge of your time clock – How do you view time? – How self-development is tied to time management
    • Prioritize your way out of the time trap – Distinguishing the important from the URGENT
    • Your personal time habits – Self analysis – Tracking your time use
    • Identify the time wasters – Get rid of them!
    • How to say no without stress – Don’t let others plan your time – Put yourself in control
    • A systematic approach to time control
    • The great time master payoff – Success and satisfaction – Taking time for YOU


    (Photo Courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg)

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