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Women In Management

    About the Workshop

    Women in management face special challenges and special rewards. Learn what personal power is all about and how to use it to your best advantage. Identify the differences in management styles.


    • Identify the special situations facing women in management
    • Recognize your particular strengths and weaknesses
    • Analyze your management style
    • Improve communication with peers, bosses and subordinates
    • Manage your time and your stress level
    • Develop a strategy for success


    • Personal power – what it is and how to use it
    • Basic negotiation skills – the win-win situation – compromise for success
    • Communicate effectively; be positive, assertive, and persuasive – Interact without defenses
    • Games people play – Recognize them but don’t get drawn in
    • Your management profile – What is your personal management style? – Do you need to change it?
    • Overcoming fear – How to lose the unconscious fears that sometimes hold women back


    (Photo Courtesy of Steve Wilson)

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