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Would love to hear your thoughts about building resilience and why you believe some people are resilient while others are not. Can resilience be taught? – Jane Boucher
Just when you think you’ve seen it all….

Bus riders in Bridport, Dorset, England often have an unusual companion on their way to and from work each day – an adventurous, 15-year-old cat named Artful Dodger. Dodger, a beautiful orange tabby, regularly boards the bus at the stop near his house and takes a 10-mile round trip, much to the amusement of the bus passengers and drivers. Sometimes, Dodger even hops on a lucky rider’s lap for a cuddle. The bus drivers and regular passengers know Dodger, and always make sure he gets off at his stop at the end of each journey. Some passengers even bring Dodger food and treats each day.

Dodger’s owner, Fee Jeanes, said she was extremely surprised when she discovered the cat’s secret life. One of her daughter’s friends said she saw Dodger on bus 10 miles from the family’s home. Fee told the London Telegraph, “I couldn’t believe it and panicked. I got into my car to go off and look for him and then at that moment the bus pulled up near our house and lo and behold he got off.” She soon found out that wasn’t the first time Dodger had gone cruising the city by mass transit. “That afternoon I saw Dodger climb on board another bus and I rushed to tell the driver. I was shocked when she told me Dodger was always on there and liked to sit on the seats because they are warm from where people have been sitting.”

The bus company told the Telegraph that they don’t mind if Dodger hitches a ride with them, saying, “Given this cat is elderly we suspect it would be eligible for free travel, perhaps a bus puss pass, if such a thing exists.”

If a cat can be taught resilience, why can’t we?


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