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The Six Top Tips Of Good Management: Part 2

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Last month’s article explained the first three tips of good management. This is a continuation of that article.

4. A supportive boss has a genuine interest in his workers. Good managers take the time to get to know each employee’s personality, needs and goals. They also learn something about the employee’s personal life. Bosses who get to know their employees receive back optimal performance because they are able to bring out employees’ unique abilities. The supervisor who is able to make his people feel important and personally significant, also generates the most productivity and loyalty.
5. A good boss helps each employee reach his or her potential. Goal setting and career planning are integral in this process. As employees are encouraged, their independence and responsibilities are increased. Creativity is stimulated, as opposed to demanding adherence to rules and prescribed patterns.

6. A good boss gives feedback. This is one of the most important aspects of an employee/boss relationship. Whether it comes from written evaluations, informal or formal discussions, or occasional memos, feedback should be given on a regular basis. How can employees know how they’re doing unless the boss communicates with them? A good supervisor makes sure his people get adequate and timely feedback – both productive and constructive. Bosses who recognize their employees’ accomplishments are usually far more effective than those who have a reputation for being tough on their employees. When unpleasant feedback must be given, it should focus on the inappropriate behavior, not on the person as an individual.

Techniques of good management

1. An effective boss builds an atmosphere of open communication.
2. Trust is critical to a good working relationship.
3. A supportive environment motivates the employees.
4. A supportive boss has a genuine interest in workers as individuals.
5. A good boss helps each employee reach his or her potential.
6. A good boss gives feedback.


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