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Be The Kind Of Leader You Would Follow

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For a leader whose goal is to “get people to do things, it is important to start with a positive self-image. After all, how can you bring out the best in others if you are not motivated by the best in yourself? Following is a list of the ten qualities essential to leadership. These qualities are based on Joseph Jaworski’s (Chairman of the American Leadership Forum) leadership characteristics. Give yourself a brief evaluation as you review it:

•   Mastery of self: Be in control of your emotions. Get in top physical condition.

•   Empathy: Understand people and their concerns.

•   Wholeness of purpose: Know what results you want & do what is possible to make them happen. Be positive & proactive, not reactive.

•   Self-confidence: You must be able to act despite your doubts.

•   Authenticity and congruence: What you say and what you do must match up to assure personal credibility.

•   Ability to communicate: Communication is essential to motivate and build morale.

•   Ability to mediate: You must build coalitions.

•   Integrity: Develop mature ethical values.

•   Intelligence: If you don’t know something, admit it and try to find the answer.

•   Energy: Have the drive and stamina to stay on top.

These characteristics will help you develop the skill to motivate others. Identify your weak areas – nobody is perfect! Employ managers who are strong in your weak areas to help balance your organization. Teach your managers the skills they need to motivate workers. This will automatically increase productivity and efficiency. Building a team of motivated managers and workers will give your business all it needs to be successful in any economy.


Maximize employee potential.

Offer opportunities for growth

Trust employees to do their jobs.

Involve employees in company decisions.

Value employee differences.

Allow for mistakes.

Throw away threats, punishment and fear.

Encourage through praise and reward.

Desiring the rewards of success is far more stimulating than fearing the consequences of personal failure. A worker who fears failure, i.e. being fired, certainly won’t care if your business fails – that’s the problematic result for you. Numerous psychological studies prove animals and humans are motivated to better results by being rewarded rather than the fear of punishment. Positive motivation is more conducive to reaching a goal or learning a new behavior. It is vital that managers know that they can better motivate their employees to greater success and achievement with the promise of tangible or intangible (praise and appreciation) rewards than with the threat of punishment.


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