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Infuse A Strong Work Ethic Into Your Employees

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Maximize employee potential. When employees feel their skills have been evaluated and applied in the most effective manner for the position they are in, they feel more secure about stretching themselves. By placing small challenges along the way, employers will inspire their workers to discover and use their abilities. On the same note, giving employees the tools to do their jobs will also help them reach their fullest potential.

Offer opportunities for growth. Employees need goals to grow. They should actively participate in the goal-setting process – both their own and the organization’s. Sit down with employees and pinpoint the company’s goals, especially those that include them. Listen carefully as they outline the goals they have set for themselves. If an employee feels they have the employer’s support of their goals, it is a surefire motivator.

Trust employees to do their jobs. Hovering over an employee is death to motivation. Give employees the responsibility to do their job; then leave them alone to do it! Motivation is highest in organizations where openness and trust are encouraged. Allow employees to assume more responsible tasks and their productivity will often explode. Delegating with trust can be empowering and motivating.

Involve employees in company decisions. Not every company decision can – or even should – involve employees, but many can. By bringing employees into the decision loop, you tap into your most valuable resource and you let them know you respect their input. Making employees aware of decisions that affect them is a prime motivator.

Value employee differences. Different people have diverse needs based on their personality types, work styles, lifestyles and more. Recognizing these differences is crucial to effective motivation.

Allow for mistakes. It’s going to happen; a mistake will occur, or a level of performance will not be up to par. That requires the delicate art of constructive criticism. Refrain from behavior, words or action that inhibits motivation or growth. If the employee knows that you are criticizing with the intention of helping improve performance, they will not be as defensive. Focus on the behavior, not the person. This is called constructive correction.

Throw away threats, punishments and fear. Threatening termination is not a positive way to motivate employees. Threats and punishments create a negative motivator called “fear.” Fear causes worry that distracts your employee’s concentration and sets them up for burnout. Employees need to focus on productivity and efficiency, not on keeping their jobs at all costs.

Encourage through praise and reward. It can be something as simple as a handwritten note on your letterhead or a brief call during the day. Recognition for a job well done is one of the most essential motivators. People need to feel important. Remind them how important their job is. Let employees know that you need them in order to be successful. In turn, they will do everything they can to prove you right and to show that your faith in them is well placed.


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