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Go With The Flow To Control Stress

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If you want to keep your stress from going out of control, you must accept change. Change is inevitable in your job, your organization and your career field. If you fear change, it only adds more negative stress to an already stressful life. If you look for the possibilities in change, instead of the problems, you will find great opportunities.

Meet Sharon. She had been doing the same job for fifteen years. She continued to grow and develop in her job as an administrative assistant in an insurance office. She was constantly learning more about the industry. She felt secure in her position and had become very knowledgeable about the company’s clients and their needs. Her boss decided to promote her. He knew Sharon’s valuable knowledge would help the company identify and service new clients.

Sharon was frightened at first because her boss asked her to take on a new position that wasn’t defined. He could only offer her a couple of ideas. He wanted her to use her expertise to expand the company’s market. She became overwhelmed by her thoughts. She feared that an ill-defined job function would lead her to failure. She protested the change, but eventually gave in.

Suddenly, Sharon began to think about the possibilities for her new position. She created her own title. She became the marketing specialist and used some of her boss’s ideas to design a whole new marketing program for the company.

When we resist change, we only increase stress. When you go with the flow, you still have stress, but it’s easier to handle. As the old saying points out, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” You can turn disadvantages into advantages if you’re not afraid of change.

Go With the Flow to Control Stress

•   Accepting change keeps stress under control

•   Don’t fear it and don’t fight it

•   Look for the possibilities, not the problems

•   Go with the flow and keep a positive attitude

•   Turn disadvantages into advantages


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