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The Six Top Tips Of Good Management: Part 1

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Six points have been recognized as the essence of good management. Keep these techniques in mind while developing a stronger working relationship with your employees.

1. An effective boss builds an atmosphere of open communication. Open communication is a major factor in employee satisfaction. An employee must be able to approach and talk openly with their boss. An effective manager invites suggestions and constructive criticism. Instead of waiting for the employee to initiate communication, management needs to solicit feedback and discuss current problems and possible solutions. An exceptional manager cares about the employee and realizes that worker feedback is critical.

2. A good working relationship must be a trusting one. If you are a manager, do you level with your employees, even when it might negatively reflect on you or the organization? Do you follow through on promises? Do you take the time to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses? The best bosses deal with their employees in the way in which they would like to be treated. An employee’s feeling about their work should be important to management. Deal fairly with each employee, not allowing favoritism or personality difference to affect judgment. When a worker trusts their boss, they are motivated to greater productivity, achievement and loyalty. This, in turn, adds to profitability.

3. A supportive environment is a motivator. “We are a team; we work together,” creates a sense of security for the employee. Workers should be openly appreciated when appropriate and constructively corrected – privately – when necessary. Problem solving is a mutual effort. A boss should be willing to use his or her influence and even go to bat for the employee when appropriate. Employees who have that kind of support rarely get into trouble. They have the direction, information and tools in order to do their job. They also have self-confidence knowing they have their boss’s support. A supportive boss has compassion and empathy. What the manager gives to his/her employees comes back tenfold.


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