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Winning Women

    About the Workshop

    NEWS FLASH: Current research shows that women in management function as well as or better than men in most areas. Women bring special talents and viewpoints to management, but they also need to overcome some cultural disadvantages. Learn how to maximize your particular strengths while you meet and overcome challenges.


    • Identify your management strengths and weaknesses
    • Understand your own management style and rate its effectiveness
    • Learn techniques for more effective communication (the area in which both men and women often fall short)
    • Develop and use the special abilities that a woman brings to management
    • Establish a plan for overcoming your most difficult challenges
    • Implement a management improvement action plan


    • Myths and stereotypes – what women do best – the difference between perception and reality – the areas where women face special difficulties
    • Management style assessment – take a self-test to identify your management style – sssess its effectiveness
    • Developing your strong points – strategies for increasing your personal and professional effectiveness


    (Photo Courtesy of Steve Wilson)

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