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The Value Of Performance Evaluations

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Whether you are a manager or an employee, you need feedback to function effectively. Even upper level executives need feedback. A performance evaluation is a great way to obtain that feedback.

A performance evaluation is a motivating tool to enhance productivity. Unmotivated workers who feel management does not care about their development and success spell low productivity and possible failure. It is vital that both the reviewer and employee understand that the only way to measure productivity, morale and growth on the job is through some type of concrete evaluation process.

Beneficial as the process is, human nature makes both parties uncomfortable during the evaluation process. It is difficult to listen to someone outline one’s own weaknesses. Most people have a resistance to being judged. That resistance makes supervisors uncomfortable in judging their subordinates. The words you use and the correction you offer can significantly impact your employees. How an employee feels about their job, and possibly even themselves, can be directly influenced by a performance evaluation.

You have the power to influence your employees. You should not walk on eggshells and be afraid to give honest feedback. It is crucial, however, that you are aware of how the information is presented. When your employees believe you are committed to their development and success, they will appreciate your feedback. Most importantly, remember to criticize or correct the work behavior, not the person or personality. Just because a person makes a mistake, doesn’t mean they are on a mistake!

If two or more managers are involved in the review process, you may have more resistance from the employee. It can set up a “two-against-one” scenario for the person being reviewed. Often the employee will become defensive. In order to help defuse the situation, explain to your employee that you want to be a partner in their professional success. This changes the balance of power so you and your employee are on the same team working together. This helps the employee feel that the manager is their advocate.

While conducting the performance evaluation, make sure to express confidence in your employee’s efforts. Offer a genuine commitment to help them achieve future goals. Your objective, constructive feedback will help motivate your employees.

Better Performance Evaluations training should be provided for both management and employees to understand the priority of performance evaluations. Everyone should know management’s commitment to the Performance Evaluation process. If you want your performance review process to be important, it must serve as a tool to motivate your workers to reach their highest potential.


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