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What Do Entrepreneurs Have In Common?

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If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this article is for you. The Center for Entrepreneurial Management gave a survey to 2,500 members, all of whom are successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs share the following similarities:

1. Entrepreneurs are most commonly the oldest children in their families.

2. Entrepreneurs don’t like working for anyone but themselves.

3. They are not extravagant risk-takers. They are calculated risk-takers.

4. They are survivors in their field of importance; they know what it feels like to fail but they keep on trying until they get it right.

5. They have high intelligence.

6. They have good communication skills. They are verbally accomplished, comfortable on their feet and generally have an easy, clear writing style.

7. They have a willingness to be alone. Even though many entrepreneurs work as a team, being an entrepreneur calls for spending much time alone.

8. They have extremely high energy levels and good health. If you decide to work for yourself, you will begin with long hours, intense involvement, constant study, much writing, incessant analyzing, possible travel and the list goes on.

9. An entrepreneur must have a willingness to tolerate insecurity and risk. The role of an entrepreneur is seldom clearly defined. Contracts often take months to close and beginners often run out of cash before they succeed.

The ideal entrepreneur is a self-starter, a people person, a leader, a good organizer, a hard worker, trustworthy, responsible, decisive, energetic and in good health.

If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, one of your challenges will be to maintain a positive work/life balance. Remember to combat entrepreneurial stress with good nutrition and time management. Exciting work, rest and relaxation are the keys to success.

It is always important to remember your sense of humor while starting your own business. A lot of funny things will happen. Sometimes you’ll wonder why you ever decided to become self-employed. But when you set attainable goals and achieve them – all your questions will be answered. I’ve never regretted my decision to become an entrepreneur and in today’s economic climate I am grateful to know I cannot fire myself.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work, but the rewards can be awesome. There is a sense of freedom that cannot be felt or experienced if you work for someone else. It can be a real motivator to realize that you are the master of your own destiny.


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