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How To Build A Winning Team In An Age Of Entitlement

    About the Workshop

    Effective teamwork “pays its own way” with greater organizational productivity and profits. A team of people working cooperatively can produce more than the sum of the individual members working alone. One good idea stimulates another, but only if the team members are working together and talking regularly.

    Teamwork is inhibited in today’s high-stress business environments, especially when entitlement behaviors are present. In this fascinating yet pragmatic course, Jane Boucher shows how to integrate tried-and-true teamwork principles with the realities of today’s workplace. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Jane will teach you how ti motivate, steer, and get results with teams in challenging work environments


    • Examine their own management styles, situations, and strategies for success
    • Learn how to motivate employees
    • Keep lines of communication open
    • Empower team members to grow and stay energized
    • Know how to resolve conflict and be committed to a common goal and to each other
    • Understand the symptoms of poor team performance
    • Develop positive attitudes in teams
    • Use practical coaching techniques
    • Teach accountability to all team members
    • Correct poor performance and bring out the best in employees by helping them grow
    • Keep the team focused, while building members’ confidence, commitments, and trust in themselves and in each other


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