Personal/Professional Growth

Powerful Listening And Memory Development

    About the Workshop

    The ability to REALLY LISTEN to what others are saying, and to remember what they say, is a talent often thought to be inborn in some people. In reality, this ability can be learned using certain proven strategies. This seminar focuses on simple techniques for improving both your listening ability and your ability to remember.


        • Assess your own level of listening and memory
        • Identify common barriers to effective listening
        • Use specific skills for non-judgmental listening
        • Employ “active listening”
        • Learn techniques for name recall that work for everyone
        • Process information in a way that facilitates recall


      • Obstacles to effective listening: why what we hear is not always the same as what was said
      • Tools for effective listening
      • The feedback technique for listening
      • Active listening: how to participate in what others are saying
      • Memory techniques that just won’t fail

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