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    The only sure thing in this world is change. As we move into the future, staggering changes unfurl. Technology is skyrocketing, information is expanding, jobs are changing, communication is getting faster. Learn to succeed in this fast-moving, fun seminar.


        • Anticipate some of the changes that are coming and how they will affect you
        • Identify the changes you can use to your advantage
        • Assess your own readiness for the future
        • Analyze your own personal style and how well suited it is to change
        • Adapt your personal style to a fast-changing world.


      • The Brave New World – Change and more change
      • Temperament profile – What is my personal style? – How well do I adapt to change? – Is my personal style effective? – Can I change it?
      • Attitude – Choosing a flexible attitude – Accepting what you can’t change
      • Coping with Future Shock – Your Stress Profile
      • Develop self-esteem – Being your own best friend
      • Your support system – Your own personal fan club
      • You will succeed


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