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The Successful Patient

    About the Workshop

    Do you ever feel as though you lose control when you put yourself in the hands of your doctor? Do you ever wish you understood more about your health, your medical challenges and wellness strategies? This unique seminar offers a way to take control of your health and your life.


        • Develop better communication with your doctor
        • Seek out information about your health situation
        • Recognize the opportunities that come out of adversity
        • Take control of and responsibility for your own good health


      • The doctor-patient relationship – How has it changed? How you can improve it
      • How to find out what’s wrong with you – Seeking out other opinions – Finding information about your health challenges
      • The support network – Seeking out others who have been healed
      • Whose life is it anyway? – Taking charge of your lifestyle – Recognizing what needs to change – Putting yourself first
      • Cultivating self-acceptance – It’s all in the attitude – Finding opportunity in adversity


    (Photo Courtesy of Greg Westfall)

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